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If we have not addressed your question or concern below please contact us.

Is your online store secure?
YES! We use SSL technology to encrypt senstive personal information and credit card information to ensure your private information is safe. To read more visit our Site Security page. 

How do I know how much the shipping cost is for my order?
Freight costs vary by weight and postcode so once you have added your dog bed selection to the cart and entered your shipping address, the next page will display the shipping cost for your order. You still have the opportunity to abort the order at this stage if you wish.  

If you find the shipping cost for the Original Dog Bed, Super Deluxe Dog Bed or Flea Proofer Dog Bed is expensive to deliver to your area, you may like to consider the Flea Free Dog Bed which is flat-packed to save on shipping costs.

If no shipping costs are added to the order, you will be contacted with the shipping costs and asked to confirm if you wish to proceed with the order.  Similiarly there is a disclaimer on the ordering form that explains that if there is variation in the freight you will be contacted and offered the revised freight cost or alternatively a fulll refund. If you proceed with the order you accept these conditions.

How quickly will my new dog bed be dispatched?
Delivery of your new dog bed will depend on your location however most orders are dispatched from the warehouse within 2-3 business days.

Can I order a dog bed from your site if I live overseas? 
Sure, just contact us in advance advising us which dog bed you are interested in, your delivery address and contact details and we'll let you know the shipping rates and likely delivery timeline in advance. Please note the cost of the dog beds for international orders will be less 10% as Australian Goods & Services Tax (GST) only applies to domestic orders.

Do you accept other forms of payment apart from Visa, Mastercard & American Express?
Visa, Mastercard and American Express are the only forms of payment accepted via our online store, however if you have special payment requirements please contact us. Please note personal cheques will not be accepted.

How do I find out more information about the dog beds advertised on this website?
If you have specific product questions which are not addressed in the product description pages please contact us outlining your questions in detail. 

What product guarantees apply to the dog beds offered for sale on this website?
Please see the Product Guarantee page on this site. If the information outlined on this page does not address your question or concern please contact us.

What happens if I order a dog bed from the Limited Collection and it has already sold out?
We will contact you and offer you a full refund, or alternatively you can use the funds towards another dog bed from our online store. If you elect to transfer the funds to purchase another dog bed, you will need to pay any additional costs if the cost of the new dog bed is greater, or we will refund the difference if the new dog bed you select is less than the origional you ordered.  

Where do I find information about your privacy policy?
Please see the Policies & Conditions page. If the information outlined on this page does not address your quesiton or concern please contact us.