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  1. We are starting to get a lot of orders for heated dog beds. Must be starting to get cold down south!

    Check out the Heated Pet Beds to keep your pet's cosy this winter.
  2. It took us a while to get started on Facebook but we now have our own fan page - yay!

    Visit our Dog Beds Galore Facebook Page and LIKE us to join in on the doggie fun, free dog training tips from a qualified/certified dog trainer as well as spot specials and new product announcemets.

    Dog Beds Galore Facebook Page Cover
  3. Welcome to the Dog Beds Galore BLOG,

    In the past it's been so hard to find good quality dog beds for larger or heavier dogs that provides the correct amount of firm support as well as enough space for the mighty mutts.

    Luckily times have changed and now dog owners have some great choices in extra large dog beds.

    We've got some great Super Dog Mats which are available in XL and XXL sizes and what's great about these extra large dog beds is that they have an extra layer of polyester filling to give make sure your larger breed will have the support it needs and what's best of all is that these pet beds are good value and there is a huge amount of fabrics and prints available to match your home decor.

    Check out the range of Super Dog Mats and other Extra Large Dog Beds now - click here.


  4. A cute clip for the festive season - Put your PC sound one and then Click Here!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our 2 & 4 legged customers.

    Till next time.....

  5. Welcome again to the Dog Beds Galore BLOG,

    As promised in this BLOG we will continue to feature the changes to the Snooza Dog Beds range and in today's post we'll feature the Buddy Bed.

    This is one of the most popular dog beds on our site and it's easy to see why. The Buddy Bed is designed to allow dogs who love to flop their neces over the side by using a lightweiht, non rigid foam and Snooza Dog Beds have retained this design in their product revamp.

    The NEW DESIGN incorporates removable covers - cushion & body AND a separate zippered inner which means washing is so easy, & so is changing your mind! Simply purchase a replacement cover to change the look, or have a spare when one is in the wash! To top it all off, the base is covered in non-slip paws in case of over excited running leaps to bed!

    You will also love the new fabric choices for the Buddy Bed dog beds. Lots more choice and much funkier.

    Buddy Bed Dog Beds by Snooza Dog Beds

    On our next Dog Beds Galore BLOG post we'll feature the new design changes to the Snooza Dog Beds Jack's Bed - another one of the favourite dog beds on our website.

    Till then....

  6. Welcome again to the Dog Beds Galore BLOG,

    Snooza Pet Beds have recently revamped their range and are while the favourite old dog bed designs are still available they are looking a lot snazzier these days with new fabric choices so if you have an existing Snooza Dog Bed you may like to give the old favourite a new look by buying a cover in the new fabric range.

    The other great change is that previouslywith  dog beds like Jacks' Dog Bed and the Buddy Bed, which have raised sides, only the cushion could be removed for washing. Now the cover on the body of the dog bed can also be removed for washing. 

    The other great addition is non-slip material on the base of many of the beds - a good idea for those playful dogs!

    Over the next few Dog Beds Galore BLOG posts I'll be featuring some of the new products to bring you up to speed with the great options now available.

    The Cuddler is one of Snooza Dog Beds most popular and they have really grooved it up. Check out the great look in the Cow Print in PolyPlush and the Safari Print in Velboa below. There is also a groovy Dalmatian print available in a fluffy Velboa. Dont' worry the ever popular Brown in the Polar Fleece and Mock Lambswool are still available as is the Natural Mock Lambswool, however you can now also get a Sand coloured Polar Fleece to match your home decor. Check out the new range of Cuddler Dog Beds Here!


    Next post we'll feature the Snooza Dog Beds Buddy Bed.....till next time...

  7. Welcome again to the Dog Beds Galore BLOG,

    I am constantly fasinated watching my dogs dream.  I'm sure when their legs are twitching they are dreaming of running on the beach and when they are wagging their tail they are thinking of one of their favorite friends, Milo, Hugie, Ellie, Ruby or Louis. Imagine if your dog was as animated as the dog in this video when they slept!


  8. Welcome again to the Dog Beds Galore BLOG,

    It's stressful when our beloved pets get older and incontinent, however there are some things you can do to make the circumstances less stressful for your and your dog when it comes to their dog beds.

    If your beloved dog is getting older, recovering from surgery or you have a dog who is incontinent, there are some dog bed products available to ensure your best mate is as comfortable as possible.

    Here are some free tips to consider when buying dog beds for senior or incontinent dogs or dogs recovering from surgery.

    Just like humans older dogs suffer from aches and pains in their joints and benefit from using dog beds with firm support.

    If these senior dogs or dogs recovering from surgery are using a dog bed with insufficient support their body will tend to sink into the bed which means their joints are positioned at odd and potentially uncomfortable angles. In addition to this, these dogs have to put strain on these sore joints to get out of the 'sunken' position.

    If however, you bought one of the dog beds which has better firmer support their joints will be better supported at comfortable angles and it will be much easier for your dog to step off the bed easily as the extra support has not allowed the dog to sink into the bed.

    Some beds that offer specialised support are the orthopedic dog beds also know as memory foam dog beds, however make sure you buy a quality product such as those featured on this site made by Snooza Dog Beds.

    Breed Size
    The sheer weight of your dog can be an issue when trying to purchase orthopedic dog beds or memory foam dog beds as many of these beds are simply not designed to provide support for the larger breeds.

    A great option is the 'Big Dog Bed' which is more like a dog mattress than a dog bed. As well as measuring an impressive 1300mm x 880mm to accommodate the larger breeds this dog bed has been designed with a clever memory foam top and the thick inner of this bed moulds beautifully to the contours of the dog's body ensuring the all over even support which is important for older dogs or those recovering from surgery. These dog beds also have a low impact, dampening effect make them ideal for older dogs, big or heavy dogs and dogs with joint problems.

    Having an incontinent dog can be a challenge for even the most devoted dog owner but there are some dog bed supplies that will make this challenge less taxing on you and provide your beloved dog with comfort.

    1. Washable Dog Beds come in many styles however my suggestion is to buy a dog bed that has removable covers and buy some extra covers so that you can replace the cover while the other is being washed. Most of the dog beds on this site have removeable covers including the Snooza Dog Beds and the RRRUFF Dog Beds. Our product descriptions will highlight removeable covers where available.

    2. To protect the dog bed insert and to ensure your dog has a dry surface to lie on consider an innovative product called 'Stay Dry Matting'. This product is made from a synthetic material that lets dry air circulate through your dogs bedding keeping them warm, dry & comfortable. Best of all its machine washable and comes pre-sterilized. Again, it's a good idea to buy a couple of pieces of the Stay Dry Matting so that your incontinent dog has a clean, dry bed available while you are washing the other piece.

    By considering all of these tips you'll be able to provide your dog with the comfort it needs during its old age or after surgery and ensure that you incontinent dog has a clean, dry bed at all times with less stress on you and your dog.

    Got some tips to share about dog beds for incontinent dogs - leave a comment...

    Till next time....

  9. Welcome again to the Dog Beds Galore BLOG.

    Nothing serious or educational today just a bit of fun. This is one of my favourite dog videos - turn the sound on and listen carefully.

  10. Welcome again to the Dog Beds Galore BLOG.

    One of the questions I'm often asked is which of the dog beds on your Dog Beds Galore website is chewproof as Fido has had a ball pulling their existing dog bed apart.

    While no dog bed is indestructible, the Snooza Dog Beds D1000 comes close and is a good choice, however while its a good idea to buy a tough dog bed its important to know that this dog behaviour is generally a sign that your dog is bored or needs more attractive chew toys.

    The first thing to evaluate is how much exercise your dog is getting - my motto is 'a tired dog is a good dog'. If you have an energetic puppy or adolescent dog they really thrive on having some off-leash run time and play time with other dogs and you might find your dogs behaviour changes dramactically with the addition of this type of regular stimulation and exercise.

    The other consideration is that chewing is a natural behaviour and your dog needs appropriate outlets for the behaviour or your dog beds will become the brunt of this frustration!

    Your dog might have a lot of toys but they may not be attractive enough, that's why I find food related chew toys works best. If you are looking for some ideas check out the free download we offer on Doggie Boredom Busters. If you have some additional ideas you would like to share with others, leave a comment below.

    One of the best options is a Kong and you can use a portion of your dogs meal to stuff the Kong or if you are at work all day, why not get multiple Kongs and put your dogs daily food portion into the Kongs - your dog will have a lot more fun from eating their food this way then the 30 seconds it takes to eat their food from their bowl. The Kong Company even make a product that will dispense a stuffed Kong at different intervals throughout the day - check it out in the video below.

    The other thing to consider is that different dogs have different types of chewing behaviour, my dogs are 'destructers' and love to pull apart soft toys and leave my lounge room looking like a snowstorm has hit it with plush toy filling everywhere. If your dog is pulling apart one of its dog beds, there is a good chance your dog is also a 'destructer'. I've found a great outlet is to give my dogs these plush toys to pull apart and the best place I have found to buy these scracficial plush toys is your local Life Line or St Vinnie's store - just be sure to pick plush toys which are safe such as without marble eyes.

    Hopefully the above and the Doggie Boredom Busters Free Download has given you some ideas to help redirect Fido's fetish from one of their dog beds to the right outlet.

    Till next time.....

  11. Hi Everyone,

    Welcome to the Dog Beds Galore BLOG.

    I plan to use this BLOG to let you know about new products and some tips on choosing the right dog bed for your four-legged friends. I'll also share some tips on boredom busters for your dog and other training tips that may be of interest to dog owners. So leave a comment and let me know what topics are of interest to you and I'll do my best to include your topics of interest.

    I've just posted another article on the site with a couple of tips about how to choose the appropriate dog beds for large dog breeds and to share my recommendation for the 'Rolls Royce' of dog beds for large dog breeds. Let me know if those of you with larger breeds have any other tips or great products you have found for your mighty mutt.

    I've also posted a couple of other articles previously on How to Choose the Right Dog Bed which includes some tips about making sure you choose the right size for your dog bed and some other convenient suggestions like buying an extra cover to use while the other is being washed.  While this might sound like a sales pitch, its a small investment for great convenience.

    Another article that I previously posted was some dog bed tips for Senior or Incontinent Dogs. This issue is stressful for both the owner and the dog but doesn't have to be with some great solutions for easy cleaning and to make sure your dog is dry and comfortable.

    Another tip I discovered this winter was the inserts of my dog beds were getting mouldy. We have polished floor boards in the house and the combination of the cold air from under the house and the body heat of my dogs on top of the bed was just ideal to get the mould growing. I've found the best solution for this is to air the underside of the beds by turning the pet beds on its side (I have 6 dog beds so my dogs have other places to lie but you could also flip your bed to air the underside). By airing my dog beds every day I found the mould problem disappeared completely, so try this if you have the same problem with your dog beds in winter.

    If you've found some great tips of your own leave a comment and I'll include in the articles to share your tips with other dog lovers.

    Till next time....

  12. Post