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Welcome again to the Dog Beds Galore BLOG.

One of the questions I'm often asked is which of the dog beds on your Dog Beds Galore website is chewproof as Fido has had a ball pulling their existing dog bed apart.

While no dog bed is indestructible, the Snooza Dog Beds D1000 comes close and is a good choice, however while its a good idea to buy a tough dog bed its important to know that this dog behaviour is generally a sign that your dog is bored or needs more attractive chew toys.

The first thing to evaluate is how much exercise your dog is getting - my motto is 'a tired dog is a good dog'. If you have an energetic puppy or adolescent dog they really thrive on having some off-leash run time and play time with other dogs and you might find your dogs behaviour changes dramactically with the addition of this type of regular stimulation and exercise.

The other consideration is that chewing is a natural behaviour and your dog needs appropriate outlets for the behaviour or your dog beds will become the brunt of this frustration!

Your dog might have a lot of toys but they may not be attractive enough, that's why I find food related chew toys works best. If you are looking for some ideas check out the free download we offer on Doggie Boredom Busters. If you have some additional ideas you would like to share with others, leave a comment below.

One of the best options is a Kong and you can use a portion of your dogs meal to stuff the Kong or if you are at work all day, why not get multiple Kongs and put your dogs daily food portion into the Kongs - your dog will have a lot more fun from eating their food this way then the 30 seconds it takes to eat their food from their bowl. The Kong Company even make a product that will dispense a stuffed Kong at different intervals throughout the day - check it out in the video below.

The other thing to consider is that different dogs have different types of chewing behaviour, my dogs are 'destructers' and love to pull apart soft toys and leave my lounge room looking like a snowstorm has hit it with plush toy filling everywhere. If your dog is pulling apart one of its dog beds, there is a good chance your dog is also a 'destructer'. I've found a great outlet is to give my dogs these plush toys to pull apart and the best place I have found to buy these scracficial plush toys is your local Life Line or St Vinnie's store - just be sure to pick plush toys which are safe such as without marble eyes.

Hopefully the above and the Doggie Boredom Busters Free Download has given you some ideas to help redirect Fido's fetish from one of their dog beds to the right outlet.

Till next time.....

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