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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the Dog Beds Galore BLOG.

I plan to use this BLOG to let you know about new products and some tips on choosing the right dog bed for your four-legged friends. I'll also share some tips on boredom busters for your dog and other training tips that may be of interest to dog owners. So leave a comment and let me know what topics are of interest to you and I'll do my best to include your topics of interest.

I've just posted another article on the site with a couple of tips about how to choose the appropriate dog beds for large dog breeds and to share my recommendation for the 'Rolls Royce' of dog beds for large dog breeds. Let me know if those of you with larger breeds have any other tips or great products you have found for your mighty mutt.

I've also posted a couple of other articles previously on How to Choose the Right Dog Bed which includes some tips about making sure you choose the right size for your dog bed and some other convenient suggestions like buying an extra cover to use while the other is being washed.  While this might sound like a sales pitch, its a small investment for great convenience.

Another article that I previously posted was some dog bed tips for Senior or Incontinent Dogs. This issue is stressful for both the owner and the dog but doesn't have to be with some great solutions for easy cleaning and to make sure your dog is dry and comfortable.

Another tip I discovered this winter was the inserts of my dog beds were getting mouldy. We have polished floor boards in the house and the combination of the cold air from under the house and the body heat of my dogs on top of the bed was just ideal to get the mould growing. I've found the best solution for this is to air the underside of the beds by turning the pet beds on its side (I have 6 dog beds so my dogs have other places to lie but you could also flip your bed to air the underside). By airing my dog beds every day I found the mould problem disappeared completely, so try this if you have the same problem with your dog beds in winter.

If you've found some great tips of your own leave a comment and I'll include in the articles to share your tips with other dog lovers.

Till next time....

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