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The choice of dog beds has grown dramatically as the number of dogs in homes increases and as more dogs become part of the family.

There are some simple tips that can make the decision easier and ensure your hard earned cash is invested wisely.  

Your Dog’s Sleeping Style

Some dogs curl up in their dog bed in a ball, others like to hang their necks over the side of their dog beds, sprawl and stretch out or lie on their backs.

Observing your dog's sleep style will help your decision. For example, if your dog likes to stretch out over their dog bed, then a dog bed with raised sides may not the best choice and a cushion type pet bed may be better suited to your dog.

Similarly, if your dog likes to roll in a ball and tends to place their back up against something then choosing a dog bed with raised sides like the Buddy Bed, Cuddler, Eskimo Dog Bed would be ideal. There are also plenty of optinos in the luxury dog beds range.

If you dog likes the best of both worlds the Buddy Bed might the perfect dog bed choice with specially designed non-rigid foam sides that allows your dog to rest their heads.

Other dogs might enjoy cuddling up in a den or their dog kennel but you're looking for an indoor option. The Eskimo Igloo or the Cubbie are specially designed for just this purpose but are only suitable for small dogs.

The Snuggler Dog Bed was designed especially for dogs who love to get under the covers with it's permanently attached blanket!

If your dog is older, or has any injuries that affect its mobility, you may want to consider the range of dog mats or the specially designed orthopedic dog beds which are designed to give comfortable firm support. For the larger breeds the Snooza Big Dog Bed is perfect as it has a layer of memory foam and is large enough and supportive enough for the largest dog breeds.

Consider your climate

If you live in a colder climate your dog is likely to be warmer in a dog bed with raised sides as it can curl up against the sides to retain body heat.

In warmer climates your dog is more likely to stretch out when sleeping and for this reason you may like to consider a dog mat like the Pet Futon. A cushioned bed with no sides like the Shapes Dog Beds Pet Cushion, Newport Cushion or the D1000 Dog Bed is also a good option.

Raised dog beds are also a good option in the heat as it keeps the dog elevated to enjoy the cool breezes. 

If your dog sleeps outside in cooler weather a dog kennel with a nice cosy dog mat is a good option to keep your best friend warm and cosy.

The Size Of Your Dog

If you have a larger breed and they are not fully grown yet, consider their eventual size rather than buying a dog bed specifically for a puppy as you can always make the dog bed smaller by placing a cushion inside the dog bed and remove this as the puppy grows.

When checking the measurements of a dog bed also be sure to consider the size of your dog when it’s stretched out so you don’t end up with a bed that is too small.

Historically, the selection of large dog beds and extra large dog beds were very limited, however there are now a lot of fashionable and practical dog beds for larger breeds.


This is one of the more important questions to consider when looking for the perfect dog bed.

 Is the dog bed machine washable?

If not, you need to consider the expense and time involved in hand washing or dry-cleaning the dog bed. When considering washable dog beds, also consider what parts of the dog bed are washable. A number of the Snooza Dog Beds featured on our site have both washable covers and inserts, check the descriptions provided on the individual product pages.

Many of the outdoor dog beds featured on our site such as the Durobed and some of the raised dog beds can be cleaned by simply hosing them down which is a great conveninence. 

Age, Mobility and Continence

We know how challenging it can be to see your beloved dog grow old and that's why we've dedicated a separate article with some great solutions to help minimise your stress levels and ensure your dog is as comforable as possible. Read More. 

 Spare Covers

This is a great option as you can use the spare cover while the other is being washing. A great convenience for a busy household. 

It's also a great way to get a completely different look at a fraction of the cost of a buying another dog bed.


The durability of a dog bed is particularly important for outdoor dog beds.

 Check the materials used in the frame of any raised dog beds and any references to rust proofing etc.

 Make it a point to investigate the type of materials used in the cover. For example some raised dog bed covers use Jute which is part of the Hemp plant but much more durable.

 If you choose an outdoor dog bed which is more like a cushion than a raised dog bed, then the same principles apply, check the materials used and ask questions about the maintenance of the dog bed, for example can you simply hose down the outdoor dog bed?

Number of Dog Beds

The number of dog beds you need is not only determined by the number of dogs you have, it’s convenient to have a dog bed in a couple of areas of the house so you don’t have to move the dog beds during the day. This is a great option for those of us who have velcro dogs who follow us from room to room!

Customised Styles

Many suppliers offer different fabric options to allow you to match to your home décor. Many of the Snooza Dog Beds and RRRUFF Dog Beds on our site can be customised and it's worth considering these options as they can really change the whole look of the dog bed.  Look for the material swatches on each individual product pages for the available options. 

Guarantees & Repairs

Check the supplier offers a product guarantee against manufacturing flaws. Some even offer a free repair service like the Snooza Dog Beds and RRRUFF Dog Beds available on our site.  

By considering these tips you’ll make a more informed decision about buying a dog bed and have a much better chance of buying the perfect dog bed!